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Who We Are

CM Solutions is an innovative Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Provider that focuses on delivering complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities with the latest technological solutions for companies.

Our customer-focused business provides customer solutions across a variety of end markets.  Having a continued focus on developing technologies, processes, and performances, we provide customized and

adaptable manufacturing solutions to the requirements of each unique customer.  Even more, our customer-focused strategy enables us to provide complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions.


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guaranteed customer SATISFACTION 

We're always ready to help build the perfect solution for your needs. 


Our focus is: Customer



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What does CM Solutions provide?

At CM Solutions, our commitment to customer satisfaction always means putting the customer first.  We believe this makes us better equipped to understand your needs and issues and offer more complete solutions for your company.

Our solutions are tailored around specific end markets that enable creative, innovative manufacturing solutions and improved product quality.

CM Solutions offers:

  • Customer-focused approach to business
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Dedication to specific end markets
  • Technology advantages
  • Industry-leading technical capabilities
  • Quality manufacturing